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    The Software Testing Jobs In Chennai is one of the hottest jobs that you can find right now in Chennai. For both the fresher’s and experienced candidates there is a great career growth in this field. The role of a software tester is to test the software developed by the development team to make sure the product they are delivering is 100% without any defects. The reason for this huge demand for Software Testing Jobs In Chennai is due to the fact that these testers play an important role in getting the good quality software. The ultimate aim of the project would be a software that works and works without any defects and testing stage is where it is made sure.

    Now let’s take a good look into the scope for Software Testing Jobs In Chennai. It is true that there is a huge demand for software testing jobs in India and abroad. According to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, there are about 40000 certified software testers in India and the number is just growing every year rapidly. The software industry is both challenging and rewarding at the same time which attracts more people willing to start a good career in this field.

    Every day more and more software’s are launched worldwide, as a result, there is a great need for the testers who can test the software at different stages and find out the defect. The reason for this is due to the fact that India being the most preferred software outsourcing destination because of its operational efficiencies and a good workforce. The career progression of a software tester looks like this Junior Test Engineer->Test Engineer->Senior Test Engineer->Team Leader->Test Manager->Project Manager. Usually, a fresher would start as a junior Test engineer after a few years he or she would become test engineer from that their career keeps on progressing on to next level. Not only this, after spending some years in this field there are other opportunities available like Automation Testing, Performance Testing and Business analyst.