Quality matches with smart algorithms

Our team at SHIFT actively search for good quality companies who are serious about looking for talents and invite them onboard! Yes, all the jobs you see are definitely awesome ones! Plus, algorithms are constantly improving, bringing jobs that match your ideal.

Time is better spent

2 seconds is all the time it takes to apply for a job (swipe up)! Not only that, you only need to fill up your profile once. That is the only resume you will need on this platform. Any update you make on your profile is reflected real-time on the employers’ side.

Connect directly

Once your application is accepted, the employers will be able to reach out directly to you through instant messaging within the app. It is easy and moving on to schedule for an interview has never been faster.

No more spam mails

Your profile can only be seen by employers you swiped up to. That’s right, the power is in your hands! Or fingers, actually. We protect you from “harassment”!